Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Who's in, who's out?

What's up with Gluckman???
He went from three restaurants to none over the course of the week. The police shut down Bamboo Wednesday night, who forgot to renew the liquor license?
How much did Gluckman pocket from selling the lease on the Lodge and why didn't The Laundry buy it back? By the way who is the buyer that thinks we need another Italian restaurant in town? Word is that the Bostwick's location will not open this season due to a skirmish with the East Hampton building department. True?

Blue Parrot is said to reopen March 25th. Rumor has it Renee has been redecorating. Will it be more Hampton chic than Montauk surf shack? Maybe the owners will dig deeper into their pockets and offer free chips and salsa. It is a Mexican restaurant after all.

On the Montauk scene, local favorite West Lake Clam & Chowder House will be reopening this season despite threats of non lease renewal. Word has it the both Aqua and Sunset Saloon are reincarnating under new ownership. Will Surf Lodge reopen this summer? Locals would rather they leave for good, at least the ones who spray painted "Get Out" on the building that is.

Still no word on Fiddler's Cove, but it must be hard to get a bar stool at Wolfie's these days.

How will Wainscott attract business this year? Georgica will need a new reality t.v. celebrity to attract customers and what about Rugosa? Are they still open?

The Starr Room location looks like it will fall down before it's reopened. How much time is left on the wet license anyway? Speaking of wet licenses, didn't Pacific East's expire already?

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Missing the Originals

After many years in Amagansett Gordon's had quite a following. Not only were their loyal patrons sad to see them go, but they were also disappointed to see the arrival of the modern Mezzaluna. Mezzaluna was quickly replaced by Exile, and word is Thursday nights will be Gordon's night. The first week was a huge success and surely the popularity will grow. Could George Polychronopoulos be bored of retirement already or maybe he just can't help but take charge of his old stomping grounds?

On the other side of town, Nichol's customers are missing Simon and Janet. It's been over a year since the two retired to Arizona and left Julie Stone the opportunity to take over the once booming business. Although Renee Zellweger and her new beau Bradley Cooper were spotted a few days ago, there seem to be a lot more available tables in the dining room. Is the shortage of customers the cause for the badly balanced checkbook?

Finally, with corporate America's takeover of Main Street, some people were happy to see the arrival of Starbuck's to East Hampton, but many still miss the days of Barefoot Contessa. Ina Garten, a local resident who has become a popular personality on the Food Network, made the best morning coffee and sticky buns around town. We miss the originals.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hamptons Food Scene 2010

Word around town is that Blue Parrot will be closing for the next three months due to a management restructuring. The 3rd one? Did Bon Jovi or Renee Zellweger hire these people?

After spending Wei too much time in China, and a pretty long stint in Siberia, Wei Fun is said to be considering a move to France. Surely a refreshing new option from all the Italian eateries. Will it last?

With Serrafina supposedly moving into the Matto spot, rumor has it they went local and hired the manager of Montauk's Second House Tavern. Will their fate be better than Mezzaluna's or will they too end in Exile?

Friday, January 22, 2010

What's going on in the Hamptons in January 2010? Aside from the fact that all of Main Street is vacant, there are lots of great deals in restaurants across town. Pretty much every restaurant that is "summer exclusive" has some deal going on to attract business. From the Palm to Cittanuova to the Lodge to Rowdy Hall-take advantage of all the great happy hour deals.

Celebrity sightings in January? Prime time reservations available at Nick & Toni's almost guarantee a glimpse of someone Page Six worthy. Alec Baldwin, no off-season Hamptons stranger, has been said to be carrying his golden globe to Mary's Marvelous in the am, true? Christie Brinkley, an equally famous "almost local" celeb, is looking better than ever as a divorced mom. Strangely, her former downtown man, has not been seen in the Hamptons in ages-no DWIs recently reported on Route 114.

Hello Wall Street? Lloyd Blankfein is often spotted retreating in the Hamptons with his hard earned non-government bailout bucks. Tipping well? Let us know.